Overall plan

Safe.brussels has devised and drafted the Global Security and Prevention Plan (GSPP). Safe.brussels also coordinates implementation of the plan by reporting on the measures undertaken to the competent authorities, in particular the Regional Security Council (RSC) and the Brussels Government.

Areas of action

The GSPP is based on a model of close cooperation among the different parties active in the area of security and prevention (parties on the ground, institutional parties and organised civil society), ensures that citizens are included as an integral part of maintaining a sense of security in Brussels and places an emphasis on the local availability and accessibility of public services.

With a stated ambition of cross-functional applicability, the GSPP is fundamentally concerned with encouraging the emergence of partnerships around the themes of prevention and security.

This plan paves the way for a new direction for security in our Region, thanks to the complementarity of the measures and the partners involved.

Global Security and Prevention Plan


Cross-functional objectives

The Global Security and Prevention Plan (GSPP) consists of five cross-functional objectives. These respond to the need to monitor and evaluate the plans drawn up based on a preliminary picture of the phenomena, the need for training for those who work to manage and maintain security on a daily basis, the need to implement an integrated citizen-oriented approach and information sharing, with a specific focus on communication and awareness-raising, and finally, supporting victims.

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