On 14 January 2021, the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region adopted the Global Security and Prevention Plan (GSPP) for the period 2021 to 2024. This strategic document defines the measures to be implemented in order to strengthen security in the Brussels Region. It divides them into nine themes and defines four strategic objectives that the Government intends to pursue for the duration of the Plan (2021 to 2024). It covers the entire sector, from early prevention of problematic phenomena to support for victims and perpetrators. 
All of the region's driving forces are invited to make their contribution to achieving this Plan. 

Non-profit associations

The Brussels-Capital Region allocates subsidies to associations who are active in the regional prevention and security chain. is the organisation entrusted with the management of these subsidies. Building on the experience of the 2017-20 GSPP and previous calls, the new Plan forms the strategic framework on the basis of which decisions will be taken by the Brussels Government on how to renew support for the voluntary sector for the years 2021 to 2024. 

We therefore invite you to consult the 2021-2024 GSPP and take note of its contents, in particular the regional priorities set in terms of security and prevention for the period 2021-2024.

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Regional institutions contributes to the financing of prevention and security projects in close collaboration with several Brussels-based organisations.

The 6 Police districts

The Brussels-Capital Region manages the financial allocation to be charged to the Fund for the financing of certain expenses incurred in connection with the security arising from the organisation of the European Summits in Brussels, as well as security and prevention expenses in connection with Brussels' function as national and international capital to the Brussels-Capital Region's police districts.

The 19 municipalities

The Brussels-Capital Region provides funding for Brussels municipalities to implement local prevention plans.

The actions and projects are the subject of an agreement, known as the "Plan local de prévention et de proximité 2016 - 2019" (Local Prevention and Proximity Plan 2016 - 2019), signed between each municipality and the BCR.

The Brussels Prevention and Proximity Plan (PbPP) helps to cover the preventive action taken by the municipalities as part of the GSPP. It is structured around five priorities defined by the Government:

  • The prevention of polarisation as well as the prevention of and the fight against radicalisation;
  • A visible and reassuring presence in public spaces, including on public transport;
  • The mediation of disputes in public spaces;
  • The fight against school drop-out;
  • The prevention of and fight against addiction.

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